Kimura Sushi & Niitome Tempura x Sri panwa

Kimura Sushi & Niitome Tempura x Sri panwa

Sri panwa proudly welcomes master Chef Koji Kimura of 2 Michelin star Kimura Sushi and Chef Shuji Niitome of Niitome Tempura for an exclusive pop-up on the 3rd – 5th of May. The famed chefs will be taking over Baba IKI at Sri panwa at the same time, serving both omakase and tempura omakase for lunch and dinner.

Sri panwa now welcomes master Chef Koji Kimura and master Chef Niitome for an exclusive pop-up held at Sri panwa’s Baba IKI restaurant on the 3rd to 5th of May. The 2 Michelin star Kimura Sushi is found in the suburbs of Tokyo with the master Chef Koji Kimura behind the reins serving only 9 seats in the iconic counter-based sushi-ya. Alongside him is the highest scored tempura restaurant in Japan by Tabelog, Chef Niitome’s namesake tempura restaurant which is located in the city of Nagoya.

Baba IKI

Together, the master chefs will be serving what they both are known for; Chef Kimura has made a name for himself as the “father of aged sushi’ and will be bringing his 2 Michelin star worthy talents to Phuket, while Chef Niitome specializes in tempura seafood, meats, and vegetables, focusing on bringing out the flavors of the ingredients.With two unique restaurants under one roof, serving both lunch and dinner for a limited 3 day pop-up, do not miss the chance to meet & eat with master chef Koji Kimura and master chef Shuji Niitome at Sri panwa this May.

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