PPAO To Support Vocational Training For Inmates At Phuket Provincial Prison

PPAO To Support Vocational Training For Inmates At Phuket Provincial Prison


program for inmates at the Phuket Provincial Prison, Phuket Town. The launch was witnessed by prison chief Pichit Wannajit, prison officers and a team of instructors.

With the total fund of 515,000 baht allocated by PPAO, the program aims to train inmates in construction skills (brick-laying, plastering, welding, electricity works), motor skills (motorcycle repair), cooking (food, dessert), and English communication, among others. Skilled laborers in these fields are in demand by local construction companies and other businesses. During the training, the 114-year-old prison is being used as a training site for participants who would renovate the prison’s reception area as well as installing new electrical cables for the building. On February 5, brick-laying and plastering course was offered to the first batch of 25 inmates (February 5 – 13) while another 25 will train in tiling work (February 16 – 17). The courses that follow range from welding and electrical work to cooking and dressmaking. Trainers for the course hail from various institutions including Phuket Skills Development Center, Phuket Polytechnic College, Extra-curricular Training Center, and Phuket General Education Training Center. One of the roles and duties of the Phuket Provincial Prison is to deliver corrective works for inmates with the hope of turning them into upstanding citizens. Part of the Prison’s policy for the fiscal year 2012 – 2015 focuses on this concept by providing suitable counseling as well as financial support to help inmates who have completed their terms getting ready for life after prison. The training includes general education, transferrable skills, life skills, and social development. The aim is to instill confidence in prisoners who would later on integrate into the society and thus discourage them from re-offending. Lack of confidence is commonplace for both short and long-term convicts, as these people do not know how the society will receive them. The program aims to support the inmates who are ready to leave the prison by preparing them psychologically and emotionally while at the same time equipping them with employable skills.


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