PPAO President Takes Part In Educational Grant Award Ceremony (Bamrung-Paka Sampaorat Foundation)

PPAO President Takes Part In Educational Grant Award Ceremony (Bamrung-Paka Sampaorat Foundation)



Representing PPAO, President Paiboon Upattising on January 31 took part in educational grant award ceremony organized by the Bamrung-Paka Sampaorat Foundation, which took place at Ban Kho En village, Mai Khao subdistrict, Thalang.

Also present at the ceremony was Vice Governor Suthee Thongyam as well as imams (religious leaders) of local mosques and invited guests. President Paiboon was accompanied by his Advisor Soratham Jinda. President of the Foundation, Bamrung Sampaorat, said that in 2013 the organization has granted 11 scholarships to capable students from low-income families while in 2014 it has contributed funds towards supporting flood victims in the three southern-most provinces. The contributions were distributed among Thais as well as Malaysians living along the border. This year, the Foundation is granting 20 scholarships to students from ten local schools. Mr Bamrung went on to highlight the objectives of the Foundation which was to provide basic education to underprivileged but otherwise bright students as well as to instill Islamic values and ethics to young people. Presently, the Foundation is establishing an international-level school to prepare the community for the upcoming AEC. The President thanked all agencies that have given support to the Foundation. The backing, he said, gave him strength to continue his work for the society. President Paiboon in his speech praised Mr Bamrung for his vision and charitable work. The Foundation had a plan to build a school for Ban Kho En community, an act which the President said was highly commendable.


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