PPAO Holds Meeting To Prepare For “Or Bor Jor Sanjorn” In Sri Suntorn Area, Thalang

PPAO Holds Meeting To Prepare For “Or Bor Jor Sanjorn” In Sri Suntorn Area, Thalang



PPAO officials on January 27 held a meeting at Sri Suntorn Municipality to prepare for the second Or Bor Jor Sanjorn (mobile service stations fair) of the fiscal year 2015 to be held in Sri Suntorn area in Thalang district.

Chaired by Vice President Soratham Jinda, the meeting was attended by Council Chairman Theera Jiasakul, Deputy Council Chairman Sakchai Chaowai, Council Members Prasit Sinsaowapak, Kantapat Pisitkunanon, Prawat Pimanprom, Sontaya Suntarak, and Wisansaya Polsin. Representing Sri Suntorn Municipality at the meeting were Sri Suntorn Mayor Worawut Songyot and staff of the Municipality as well as involved officials from both offices. The second Or Bor Jor Sanjorn for the fiscal year 2015 is being funded and organized by PPAO who works in collaboration with Phuket Provincial Authority and Sri Suntorn Municipality. The aim of the operation is to assess the public’s needs by meeting up with people on the grassroots level and opening the “people forum” in order to tailor suitable plans for future public services. Central to the fair are service stalls set up by government and private agencies, entertainments and the “people forum,” designed to gather opinions from the public in relation to community reconciliation and national reform as outlined by the Reconciliation Centre for Reform (RCR). The meeting has designated Khum Nam Bang Maruan in Sri Suntorn subdistrict, Thalang, as the site for the fair, which is scheduled to take place on Saturday, February 21, at 8 am – 2 pm. It also agreed upon details of the operation which are divided into three categories namely, stage entertainment to be performed by students and locals, service stations, and the “people forum” to assess the public’s needs under the roles and duties of PPAO.


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