PPAO Supports Singing And Musical Contest “Just Say No”

PPAO Supports Singing And Musical Contest “Just Say No”


“Just Say No” singing and musical contest took place on February 6 at Phuket Technical College in Phuket Town. Representing PPAO, Council Chairman Theera Jiasakul hosted the event attended by College administrators, teachers, students and invited guests.

According to the College director Jit Iadsang, the program has been running for 18 years. PPAO has been funding the program and also acting as organizing partner for the last ten years having realized the program’s benefit to the society. For the last five years the final round of the event took place at Sapan Hin main stage, Nawamin 72 stage, and Phuket Technical College. This year’s event, which also took place at the College on February 6, has received financial support of 108,100 baht from PPAO. Other agencies have given support in kind such as human resources and equipment. “Just Say No” event aims to encourage young people to take up singing and music in their free times and discourage them from turning to drugs and illegal activities. By performing, students develop confidence and strong personality. The program also honors HM the King and follows the motto “love the King, steer children away from drugs.” For this year, 120 applicants from ten institutions entered, out of whom twenty-two singers/instrumentalists, five dance teams and six folk bands were selected to compete in the finals on February 6. Council Chairman Theera highlighted the benefits of the program “Just Say No” for students and young people, mentioned above. PPAO, he said, was delighted to be sponsoring the event again this year by covering the expenditures, costs and personnel, as it has done in the past. “Just Say No” is part of “To Be No.1” program initiated by Princess Ubolrattana. It is designed to encourage young people to refuse all types of misdeeds and drugs as a way to protect themselves. Mr Theera ended by thanking all agencies who supported the program and all schools for having taken part.


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