PPAO Awards Winners Of PPAO Junior League Basketball 2014

PPAO Awards Winners Of PPAO Junior League Basketball 2014


Representing PPAO, Council Member Saroj Angkanapilas (also President of Phuket Sports Association) on February 6 awarded trophies to the winning teams and players of PPAO Junior League Basketball 2014 at the closing ceremony of the event, which took place at PPAO Ban Talad Neu School. Also present were President Advisor Boonserm Suwannarathphoom, PPAO officials, Director of Phuket Tourism and Sports Office Chutima Janmee as well as teachers, coaches and athletes.

PPAO Junior League Basketball event, which ran from November 28, 2014 – February 6, 2015, was divided into three categories: upper secondary school (male), and lower secondary school (male/female). Eleven schools took part in the games, which included Dara Samut, British International, Headstart International, Wat Thep Nimit, Wat kajorn Rangsan, Anuban Phuket, Thaihua Asean Wittaya, Kathu Wittaya, Kajornkiat Suksa, Phuket Wittayalai, and Satree Phuket.

Winners of upper secondary school were: Anuban Phuket (winner); Wat Thep Nimit (first runner-up); British International (second runner-up). Winners of lower secondary school (male) were: Phuket Wittayalai (winner); Kajornkiat Suksa (first runner-up); Satree Phuket (second runner-up). Winners of lower secondary school (female) were: Satree Phuket (winner); Headstart International (first runner-up); British International (second runner-up). Outstanding players prizes went to: Upper secondary:

  • 1. Joseph Hunter (outstanding guard – British International)
  • 2. Nattakit (outstanding guard – Wat Thep Nimit)
  • 3. Karitin Na Nakon (outstanding center – Anuban Phuket)
  • 4. Nattawat Tansakul (outstanding wing – Anuban Phuket)
  • 5. Korawit Saeyang (outstanding wing – Phuket Thaihua)
  • 6. Preecha Suwannahong (outstanding coach – Anuban Phuket)
  • 7. British International School team (best manner)

Lower secondary (male):

  • 1. Don Ju Kim (outstanding guard – Kajornkiat Suksa)
  • 2. Jeera Puenrak (outstanding guard – Satree Phuket)
  • 3. Shivem kapila (outstanding center – British International)
  • 4. Peerapat Triweeranuwat (outstanding wing – Phuket Wittayalai)
  • 5. Worapol Chailert (outstanding wing – Phuket Wittayalai)
  • 6. Chalermpol Meeduang (outstanding coach – Kathu Wittaya)

Lower secondary (female):

  • 1. Thanchanok Maipang (outstanding guard – Satree Phuket)
  • 2. Chaliesa Potter (outstanding guard – British International)
  • 3. Phasinee Ussarawanit (outstanding center – Satree Phuket)
  • 4. Luybov Omelchenko (outstanding wing – Headstart International)
  • 5. Victoria Wiihinrich (outstanding wing – British International)
  • 6. Jeff Lammantia (outstanding coach – British International)
  • 7. Satree Phuket team (best manner)

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