The 195th Phuket Vegetarian Festival

The 195th Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Phuket Vegetarian Festival or Jia Cha in local language started in Kathu district, Phuket in 1825. It started with the Chinese Opera team when they come to perform at Kathu, Phuket.  Then the group had a sickness, so they start the vegetarian ceremony. After that, they have cured the illness. And Kathu people start this as an annual festival, every year in the 9th of Chinese lunar month from 1st to 9th (9 days – 9 nights).

This year 2020, according to the reference history of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival, it is the 195th. And the situation of 2020 is similar to the past, everyone force a difficult time because of COVID-19. This year, we would like to invite everyone to continues the tradition of the Phuket Vegetables Festival, for your good health and clear mind.

Guidelines for the Phuket Vegetarian Festival

  1. Those who are in mourning forbidden to attend the Phuket Vegetarian Festival
  2. Those who are pregnant, nearly to give birth can attend a festival. But can not go inside the shrine and can not watch any rituals.
  3. People with menstruation can join a festival, but can not go inside the shrine and can not watch any rituals.
  4. No sexual intercourse
  5. Do not drink intoxicants.
  6. Do not eat savoury foods and strong-smelling vegetables such as onion, garlic, chives, coriander and tobacco leaves.
  7. Clean yourself before joining the rituals  
  8. Observe  the Five Precepts

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