Phuket’s plans for the next four years

Phuket’s plans for the next four years

Phuket’s plans for the next four years

On October 3rd 2012 at the Phuket Provincial Administration Organization (PPAO) Council Chambers, Chairman of the PPAO – Mr.Pradit Seangjan, together with PPAO President Mr.Paiboon Upattising and the Executive Council gathered to discuss the future aims of PPAO.

Mr Paiboon said that in next 4 years PPAO will aim for development in 8 areas, those being;

1. Improve political leaders; to ensure all have good governance methods, principles of integrity, transparency and to include public participation in monitoring of management.

2. To strengthen public health.

3. Studies; to support the development of quality education across schools in Phuket. Prepare for entering the ASEAN Economic Community.

4. Economy and tourism; to increase the number of visitors, enhance lifeguards to meet international standards.

5. To promote welfare and quality of life; care for the disabled & elderly patients with chronic illnesses, establish one-stop service for seniors, drug prevention centers, CCTV cameras, and traffic problems.

6. Infrastructure; improve water consumption, road drainage systems, public improvements to solve flooding problems and free bus services for students.

7. Information technology; develops channels to get information from Phuket people and visitors.

8. Environmental; forestry, fertilizer and natural regeneration with artificial reefs along the coast as per the Queen’s projects.


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