Phuket’s daily world news round-up – Tuesday 4th December 2012

Phuket’s daily world news round-up – Tuesday 4th December 2012

Phuket’s daily world news round-up – Tuesday 4th December 2012THAILAND – High speed ahead
The Administrative Court threw out the Ombudsman’s plea to delay 3G service, and it looks for now that the NBTC regulators (above) will finally issue licences this month for three companies to build a national high-speed phone network. – Opposition hands evidence of corruption in rice scheme to NACC
The Democrat Party submitted evidence of alleged massive corruption in the government’s rice pledging scheme to the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) on Monday. – Terrorist strike
Violent gangs in the deep South have murdered the 155th teacher in nine years – and burnt a school, both on the day authorities said security would improve. – Arisman convicted
The red shirts’ bad boy was sentenced to a year in prison for defaming ex-prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva – but will stay free on bail as he launches an appeal. – Nurses to get permanent status in civil service
The Public Health Ministry has agreed to upgrade the employment status of 22,641 nurses throughout the country, from temporary employees to permanent civil servants, over the next three years – giving them full benefits previously denied them. – Cathay Pacific fires flight attendant in Paetongtarn case
The flight attendant who allegedly threatened to pour a hot drink on former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s daughter Paetongtarn Shinawatra during a recent flight has been removed by her employer Cathay Pacific.

ASIA – 90 in hospital after Singapore rig tilts
Oil rig workers in Singapore were forced to jump into the water after it tilted, injuring 90 of them and sending them to hospital. – Burma charges over mine protest
Eight people have appeared in courts in the Burmese city of Rangoon in connection with recent protests against a giant copper mine, activists say. – Typhoon smashes into Philippines
A strong typhoon has made landfall in the southern Philippines, where more than 40,000 people have moved into government shelters. – Japan orders tunnel inspections
Japan orders emergency inspections of road tunnels after nine people were killed in a roof collapse west of the capital Tokyo. – North Korea ‘installs long-range rocket at launch site’
North Korea has begun installing a rocket at its Sohae launch pad ahead of a planned launch this month, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reports.

UK – Britain’s Kate and Prince William expecting a baby
Prince William’s wife Catherine is pregnant with their first child, St James’s Palace said on Monday, in an eagerly awaited announcement about a baby destined to be Britain’s future king or queen. – Leveson report: Maria Miller says report a ‘dark moment’ for press
The Leveson report marks a “dark moment in the history of the British press”, the culture secretary has said during a six-hour debate by MPs on the report. – British ministers can’t meet Dalai Lama
Two British ministers have expressed frustration that officials have banned them from meeting the Dalai Lama. – Trouble erupts in Belfast after council votes to change Union flag policy
Five police officers have been hurt during disorder in Belfast that erupted minutes after the council voted to change its policy on the Union flag. – Britain seeks appeal over terror suspect
British officials say they’ll appeal a decision stopping the extradition of alleged terrorist Abu Qatada to Jordan.

AFRICA – Congolese army returns to Goma
As Congolese troops return to Goma, M23 rebels say their withdrawal could be short-lived if the government fails to enter negotiations. – Egypt judges ‘will oversee vote’
Egypt’s highest judicial body will oversee a vote on the new constitution, say officials, despite a pledge by judges to boycott the vote.

EUROPE – Greece begins buying back bonds
Greece has launched a programme to buy back some of its debt, which is a condition of it receiving the next tranche of its bailout loans. – Repsol files Argentina complaint
The Spanish oil company, Repsol, which had its assets in Argentina seized in April, takes its case to the World Bank’s arbitration body in Washington. – Dolce and Gabbana in Italy tax evasion trial
Italian fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are on trial for tax evasion in the Italian financial capital, Milan.

LATIN AMERICA – Colombia bombs Farc rebel base
The Colombian military says it has killed at least 20 leftist Farc rebels in its biggest operation since peace talks began in October.

MID-EAST – UN suspends operations in Syria
The UN has withdrawn many of its staff from Syria, saying the situation in the country has become too dangerous for them to do their jobs. – Israel defiant over settlements
Israel says it will not give in to international pressure to halt plans for 3,000 new settler homes in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

US – Obama warns Assad on chemical weapons
Washington is worried that rebel advances could prompt Syria’s Assad regime to use chemical weapons, which it is reportedly developing. – Republicans make new cliff bid
US Republicans propose a $2.2tn (£1.4tn) plan to avoid the “fiscal cliff”, including changes to key benefits, but it is quickly rejected by the White House. – US town evacuated over explosives
A Louisiana town has been evacuated after officials found 6m lb (2.7m kg) of an illegally stored explosive used for howitzers, police say.


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