Phuket’s daily world news round-up – Friday 30th November 2012

Phuket’s daily world news round-up – Friday 30th November 2012

Phuket’s daily world news round-up – Friday 30th November 2012WORLD – Food prices ease but pose starvation risk
Food prices have eased from their July peaks, but the World Bank says they remain high and are putting people in danger of malnutrition-related disease.

THAILAND – OIC to get protest letter
The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation says Thailand is making “meagre progress” in addressing the problems and halting violence such as this arson in the deep South – and the government is not happy about the criticism. – Pattani schools resume classes Monday under tighter security
Embattled state schools in this southern province, closed for a week after the murder of a school principal last Friday, will reopen Monday after an official promise of heightened security for teachers. – Democrats to seek info from China
China is getting caught in the political rivalry in Thailand over a rice deal between the two countries as the opposition Democrat Party plans to ask the Chinese Embassy here to verify a 5,000-tonne rice purchase order placed by a China-registered company. – PM orders all ministries, ministers who were grilled in censure debate
PM orders all ministries, ministers who were grilled in censure debate, to close gaps in policy that could lead to corruption – Bail at risk
A decision is likely by the Criminal Court Friday on a demand by Democrat MPs to revoke bail for six red shirt leaders charged with terrorism. – Reporters seek to join probe of police ‘assault’
Press and broadcast organisations yesterday called on police to let media representatives join an investigation of the assault on three on-duty cameramen by police during the Pitak Siam anti-government rally. – PM to meet nurses to prevent strike
Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is scheduled to meet with nurses’ representatives on Monday to address discontent over their continued temporary-employee status. – Exports slowing
The commerce minister said that even a 10 per cent growth in exports is “a tall order” for 2013 – after years of double-digit success.

ASIA – $10.7 bn for Japan stimulus
The cabinet of Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda approved a $10.7 billion economic stimulus package, reports said, ahead of elections that his ruling party is widely expected to lose. – Burma targets copper mine protest
Police in Burma use water cannon and tear gas to break up a protest against a Chinese-backed copper mine in the north-west. – Jaffna students boycott classes
Students at Jaffna University in northern Sri Lanka stage a two-day boycott of classes after clashes with security forces on Wednesday. – China jails gang in iPhone-for-kidney case
A surgeaon is among seven people jailed in China in a case involving a poor teenager who sold his kidney and bought an iPhone and an iPad. – Police smash Australia credit theft ring
International police forces uncover a Romanian syndicate allegedly behind what officials say is Australia’s biggest ever credit card fraud. – Samsung told to pay $5.2m to ex-employee
Samsung has been ordered by a South Korean court to pay a former employee about $5.2 million for the technologies he created for the company.

UK – Body needed to curb press ‘havoc’
The Leveson report calls for a tougher form of press self-regulation but Prime Minister David Cameron says he has “serious concerns and misgivings” over new laws. – News of the World ‘lacked respect’
The Leveson Inquiry has highlighted management failures and what it called a “lack of respect” at the now-defunct News of the World. – Three whooping cough baby deaths
Three babies died from whooping cough in October as one of the worst outbreaks in decades continues, figures for England and Wales show. – Supermarkets agree to prices and discounts code
Eight supermarkets have agreed to ensure that special offers and price promotions are fair.

AFRICA – Rwanda ‘wanted new Congo front’
Rwandan support for DR Congo rebels may be more widespread than previously thought, the BBC hears from ex-rebels offered money to set up a new front. – Botswana to ban wildlife hunting
Commercial hunting will be banned in Botswana as wildlife species face a sharp decline in the southern African nation, officials say.

EUROPE – Strauss-Kahn maid case ‘settled’
Former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn has settled a lawsuit with a hotel maid who accused him of sexual assault, US media report. – Concorde killings verdict quashed
A French court clears US airline Continental of criminal blame for the Concorde crash in 2000, two years after another court ruled it responsible. – Ten Britons arrested in Spain over ‘boiler room fraud’
Ten Britons are among 22 people arrested in Spain during an investigation into an alleged 8m euro (£6.5m) “boiler room fraud”.

LATIN AMERICA – Colombia-Farc talks are adjourned
The Colombian government and Farc rebels conclude the first stage of peace talks in Cuba and will resume their negotiations on 5 December.

MID-EAST – Syria throws killswitch
The entire nation of Syria disappeared Thursday from the internet, international phone systems were down, and airlines were cancelling flights. – Syria rebels ‘using children in battle’
Human Rights Watch has accused the Syrian opposition of using young boys to serve as fighters, guards and lookouts in the brutal conflict with regime forces. –  Syria only state using landmines in 2012
Syria’s Assad regime is the only government in the world to lay new landmines this year, campaigners say. – UN upgrades Palestinians’ status
The UN General Assembly votes to grant the Palestinians non-member observer state status, a move strongly opposed by Israel and the US.

US – Wikileaks accused tells of breakdown
The US Army private accused of sending secret documents to Wikileaks testifies at a pre-trial hearing that he had a prison breakdown. – US leaders bicker as fiscal cliff looms
Democrats and Republicans have made little progress as they vie for the political high ground in talks to avoid year-end tax increases and spending cuts. – US economic growth rate revised up to 2.7%
The US economy grew at an annualised rate of 2.7% in the third quarter of the year, revised data has suggested. – US birth rate falls to record low
The US birth rate fell to a record low last year, led by a sharp decline in child-bearing among foreign-born women, a Pew study reports. – Two winners of $587m US lottery
Two winning tickets were bought for a $587.5m Powerball lottery jackpot, the second-highest prize in US history, organisers say.


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