Phuket’s daily world news round-up – Wednesday 7th November 2012

Phuket’s daily world news round-up – Wednesday 7th November 2012

Phuket’s daily world news round-up – Wednesday 7th November 2012WORLD – Regular exercise raises life expectancy
Regular moderate exercise can raise life expectancy, even among people who are overweight, an analysis of data says. – Looking old linked to more heart risks
People with signs of ageing may be at higher risk of heart trouble, according to a study presented at the American Heart Association’s annual conference. – 1.2b smartphones, tablets to sell in 2013
Global sales of “smart devices,” which include smartphones and tablets, will hit 821 million worldwide this year and 1.2 billion in 2013.

THAILAND – Red card for the Arena
Unsafe for players and spectators, rules the world football body Fifa – and the 1.2-billion-baht Futsal Arena will remain empty for World Cup 2012, the event it was designed for. – Convenient ‘plot’
The Thaksin death plot was likely made up to prevent government embarrassment for not requesting that he be arrested when he gets to Tachilek. – Survey reveals wage-hike fears
A Bank of Thailand survey of 257 businesspeople has found that most are concerned that next year’s nationwide implementation of the Bt300 daily minimum wage will worsen labour shortage. – Village chiefs rallying at Royal Plaza
About 7,000 village headmen and kamnans on Wednesday morning gathered at the Royal Plaza to protest against the government’s bill which sets a limit on the terms of new office holders. – Cabinet extends zero interest home loans project
Cabinet extends zero interest home loans project for first-time home buyers for six months; mortgage applications to be submitted by March 28, 2013 – Watchlist battle
The Senate gives reluctant approval in principle to the UN anti-terrorism and money laundering bills, but more opposition looms. – Last dress rehearsal of Royal Barge Procession
Last dress rehearsal of Royal Barge Procession for Royal Kathin Ceremony on Chao Phraya River amid crowds of spectators; Ceremony Friday – Pump prices down today
PTT and Bangchak Petroleum on Tuesday evening announced that they are cutting pump prices by 0.50 baht a litre for petrol and gasohol, and 0.30 baht per litre for gasohol E85.

ASIA – Free trade for Asia and Europe
European and Asian leaders on Tuesday agreed to back free trade and resist protectionism as the best means of helping Europe out of its crisis and assuring Asia a rosy future. – China reformer seeks curb on party’s power
An activist says there must be limits on the power of the Communist Party and political reform if China is to modernise. – Dead China Briton ‘had spy links’
The murdered British businessman at the heart of the Bo Xilai China scandal was providing information to the UK secret service, it is claimed. – Thousands displaced by floods in India’s Andhra Pradesh
Flooding has forced almost 100,000 people to leave their homes after torrential rain lashed the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, officials say.

UK – More children ‘should be in care’
More children at risk should be put into care, rather than left with neglectful parents, says a committee of MPs. – Man arrested over UK govt cyber attack
British police have arrested a man over an alleged cyber-attack on the websites of British Home Secretary Theresa May and her interior ministry. – Cost of cancer in the UK ‘over £15bn’ a year
The health and economic cost of cancer tops £15bn a year in the UK, a study by Oxford University researchers suggests. – Sellafield waste ‘posing risk’
A public watchdog says nuclear waste at the Sellafield plant is being stored in “run-down” buildings posing a risk to the public. – UK MP suspended over Aussie TV show
British Nadine Dorries has been suspended by the Conservative Party over her decision to appear on an Australian reality TV show.

AFRICA – Mali Islamists in aid group deal
One of the Islamist groups in northern Mali agrees to allow humanitarian aid groups into its territory, and commits to peace talks and a ceasefire. – Marikana police ‘planted weapons’
South African police are accused of planting weapons on the bodies of workers shot dead during strikes at the Marikana platinum mine. –  Two million hit by Nigeria floods
More than two million Nigerians have been forced from their homes by this year’s floods, which have left 363 people dead, officials say. – South Africa gets Mandela banknotes
The first banknotes featuring the face of anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela go into circulation in South Africa.

EUROPE – EU criticised for wasting funds
Auditors have said the European Union has failed to keep tight enough control over its own spending. – Greeks strike against austerity
Workers in Greece are staging a 48-hour general strike across the public and private sectors in protest at a proposed new wave of austerity. – Greek MPs to vote on austerity
Greek lawmakers vote on Wednesday on austerity measures needed to unlock international aid and stave off bankruptcy. – France to raise VAT to fund company tax breaks
The French government has said it will raise value added tax and cut public spending in order to fund tax credits for firms that keep jobs in France.

LATIN AMERICA – Plan to tackle Sao Paulo violence
The Brazilian government unveils new measures to combat crime as a wave of violence continues to sweep through the poor neighbourhoods of Sao Paulo. – UN to send emergency aid to Cuba
The UN’s World Food Programme is to send emergency food supplies to Cuba and appeals for funds to help Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

MID-EAST – Syria crisis: Damascus hit by deadly blasts
A spate of bomb attacks has rocked the Syrian capital Damascus leaving several people dead and many others wounded, activists have said. – UN warns Syria is exploding outwards
Escalating violence in Syria is showing signs of exploding outward into Lebanon, Turkey and Israel and will lead the country “to its destruction”. – Syria could turn into a new Somalia – UN’s Brahimi
The UN and Arab League envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, has said he fears the country could “turn into a new Somalia” unless the crisis does not end soon. – Car bomb near Iraqi military base kills 33
There has been no immediate claim of responsibility for a car bomb has exploded near an Iraqi military base, killing at least 33 people.

US – Results coming in US elections
First results come in as polls close in a tight US presidential race, with President Obama carrying a number of swing states.


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