Phuket’s daily morning world news round-up – Saturday 22nd September 2012

Phuket’s daily morning world news round-up – Saturday 22nd September 2012

Phuket’s daily morning world news round-up – Saturday 22nd September 2012WORLD – Gold hits a high for 2012
Gold has hit a high for the year on speculation that Spain may be working on a request for financial help from other European countries. – Sugary drinks could be worst for obesity
Sugary drinks cause obesity independently of other unhealthy behaviour, but a study says diet drinks help keep weight off. – iPhone 5 draws big crowds worldwide
Despite drawing flak about its inferior maps application, the release of the iPhone 5 has drawn big crowds around the world.

THAILAND – Car bomb trap kills 6
Militants in Sai Buri, Pattani created a diversion to attract a crowd of curious onlookers – and then blew up a car bomb in a terrorist-type attack that killed six and wounded dozens of people. – Opposition mounts to rice scheme
The campaign against the government’s rice pledging scheme has expanded as the Office of the Ombudsman has stepped into the controversial scheme. – Don Mueang passes AOT readiness test
Don Mueang Airport is 95 per cent ready to serve low-cost airlines and passengers when it is fully relaunched on October 1, Airports of Thailand (AOT) said yesterday. – Worker ‘forced to bury corpses’
PHETCHABURI : An employee of a doctor accused of killing two people whose bodies were dug up in a pineapple orchard has told police that his boss is a violent man who murdered them and two other workers. – Tida: TRC report twisted
The red shirt movement will lobby the government to either review the Truth for Reconciliation Commission (TRC) final report or shelve it, saying the 351-page document is biased and likening it to a poison. – Somsak’s trip ‘paid for by leftover cash’
The trip to Europe by the House Speaker and his entourage was made possible by a surplus in the Parliament’s 2012 budget, a source who asked not to be named said yesterday. – Azerbaijan signs Thai spikers
Seven members of the Thai women’s volleyball team who won the AVC Cup have signed one-season contracts worth almost 20 million baht in total with an Azerbaijan club.

ASIA -Deadly film protests in Pakistan
At least 19 people are killed as violent protests erupt on the streets of Pakistan’s main cities in anger at an anti-Islam film made in the US. – KRouge suspect faces long hospital stay
Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge war crimes court heard that the oldest of three former regime leaders on trial will stay in hospital, where he is in intensive care, for at least another month. -South Korea navy ‘fires at North Korea fishing boats’
The South Korean navy has fired warning shots at North Korean fishing boats that crossed disputed borders in the Yellow Sea, reports say.

UK – Sir Mervyn King says economic recovery on its way
The Bank of England governor, Sir Mervyn King, says economic growth is on its way. – Clegg ‘fair tax’ conference call
Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg is to repeat his call for a tax on the wealthy when he rallies activists on the opening day of their party conference in Brighton. – Nigel Farage: UKIP demands ‘blood’ guarantee over EU vote
UKIP leader Nigel Farage has demanded a “written in blood” guarantee of a referendum on EU membership before entering any pact with another party.

AFRICA – Protesters storm Benghazi militia
At least four people are killed in the Libyan city of Benghazi after police and protesters take over several militia bases after a day of protests. – South Africa gold miners on strike at Anglo
Workers at a South African gold mine have begun a wildcat strike – the latest labour unrest in the country’s vital mining industry.

EUROPE – Spain prepares for bank bailout
Spain is expected to need up to 60bn euros (£48bn; $78bn) to recapitalise its banks, but it is not clear when Madrid will ask for it. – Le Pen wants ban on Muslim, Jewish headwear
French far-right leader Marine Le Pen called for a ban on the wearing of Muslim veils and Jewish skullcaps in public, adding to religious tensions sparked by cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. –  Spain’s Catalonia may declare independence
A Catalonia official says the region may proclaim independence from Spain after the next local election. – Microsoft defeats Google over a third patent in Germany
A German court ruled that several Motorola tablets and phones had infringed a method for apps to handle different kinds of user input. – France says bullfighting legal
France’s Constitutional Council, a top legal authority, rejects a plea from animal rights campaigners to ban bullfighting.

LATIN AMRICA – Bono to receive Mexican honour
U2 frontman Bono will be honoured with the Order of the Aztec Eagle for his humanitarian work and close ties with Mexico.

MID-EAST – No Syria intervention option: NATO general
A military intervention in Syria would not bring any improvement in the security situation, a senior NATO official says. – Israeli soldier killed in clash
One Israeli soldier and three militants have been killed in a clash inside Israel close to its border with Egypt, says the Israeli military. – Arab Spring brought chaos – Assad
President Bashar al-Assad of Syria is quoted by an Egyptian magazine as saying the Arab uprisings only brought chaos and the Syrian rebels cannot win.

US – US ends ban on New Zealand naval ship visits
The US has lifted a decades old ban which prevented New Zealand naval ships from docking at its ports, US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta said.

Microsoft and HP rapped by US Senate over tax havens
The US Senate has criticised Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard for their use of tax avoidance schemes, which it says is rampant in the tech sector. – US shuttle Endeavour undertakes final flypast
US space shuttle Endeavour has flown by California landmarks in a final air show before it heads for display in Los Angeles.


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