Phuket’s daily morning world news round-up – Saturday 8th September 2012

Phuket’s daily morning world news round-up – Saturday 8th September 2012WORLD – A million commit suicide each year: WHO
One million people die by their own hand each year, accounting for more deaths than wars and murders put together, the World Health Organisation reports.

THAILAND – Squeezing out the water
Authorities got to try out their new “water-pushing machine” to speed floodwaters through Khlong Lat Phrao, but tests of the draining system in eastern Bangkok had to be called off Friday after heavy rains flooded roads and raised the canal water level. – Floods after Thursday’s rain raise questions on drainage
Yesterday’s flooding in many Bangkok areas pointed to flaws in the capital’s drainage systems, according to experts, some of whom also questioned the government’s decision to direct upriver run-offs into the sea through the heart of the capital. – Election solution?
The deputy PM suggests the three deep South provinces need some autonomy to stop the discontent – maybe like Bangkok, with elected governors for a start. – One last thing
The outgoing anti-graft boss Dussadee Arayawuthi has turned over evidence of corruption by “influential people” in fixing flood damage in the Northeast. – Chronic diseases haunt Thai population
Non-contagious chronic diseases kill more than 100,000 Thai people a year, almost half of them under the age of  60. – Interior Ministry bans Facebook use
The Interior Ministry will ban Facebook use by its staff nationwide from Oct 1, saying excessive use of the social networking site is eating up bandwidth needed for its video conferences.

ASIA – ‘Highly toxic’ bird flu in Vietnam
A new highly-toxic strain of the potentially deadly bird flu virus has appeared in Vietnam and is spreading fast, according to state media reports. –  N. Korea warns US troops of ‘all-out war’
North Korea on Friday called for the withdrawal of US troops from South Korea, saying their prolonged presence could spawn an “all-out war”. – Earthquakes hit south-west China
A series of earthquakes hit south-west China, leaving at least 64 people dead and 715 injured, state-run media say. –  Twelve dead in Vietnam rock slide
At least 12 people have been killed and six others are still missing after a rock slide hit northern Vietnam, local police said.

UK –  UK police suspect feud in French killings
The brother of a British man shot dead in the French Alps with his wife and two other people has denied any conflict in the family. -Prince deployed to Afghanistan
Prince Harry has begun a four-month deployment to Afghanistan flying Apache attack helicopters, the Ministry of Defence says.

AFRICA – ‘Dozens killed’ in Sudan clashes
Sudan’s army and rebels both claim victory in separate clashes in Darfur and South Kordofan, which reportedly left dozens of people dead. – Deadly ‘revenge attacks’ in Kenya
Twelve people are killed in an overnight raid on a village in a part of south-eastern Kenya where 52 people were recently killed, officials say.

EUROPE – ECB action draws fire in Germany
The European Central Bank’s masterplan to help prop up the battered eurozone prompted scathing criticism among German commentators Friday who questioned the government’s muted response. – EU powers call for Iran sanctions
Britain, Germany and France urge fellow European Union countries to impose more sanctions on Iran over its nuclear programme. – Migrants missing after boat sinks near Lampedusa
Italian coast guard and Nato vessels are searching the waters around the island of Lampedusa after a migrant boat sank, leaving at least one person dead and dozens missing. – Lufthansa to resume flights after cabin crew end strike
Lufthansa says it hopes to resume flights early on Saturday after cabin crew agreed to end strike action that stranded thousands of air passengers. – PSA Peugeot Citroen dropped from France’s Cac 40 index
French car maker PSA Peugeot Citroen is to be dropped from France’s Cac 40 blue chip index, in an embarrassing demotion for the company.

LATIN AMERICA – Google opens data centre in ChileGoogle vs Oracle
Search giant Google has decided to base its first Latin American data centre near the Chilean capital Santiago.

MID-EAST – Two bomb blasts strike Damascus
Two bombs strike the Syrian capital Damascus, the first killing at least five members of the security forces, reports say. – Bahrain protesters face tear gas
Police fire tear gas as they clash with demonstrators in Bahrain’s capital Manama defying a ban on unauthorised protests.

US – US job figures weak
The US economy added a disappointing 96,000 jobs in August, but the overall jobless rate fell to 8.1% from 8.3% as more people dropped out of the market, the Labor Department said on Friday. – US declares Haqqani a terrorist body
The US designates the Pakistan-based militant Haqqani network as a terrorist organisation, officials say.


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