Phuket’s Chalong area to resolve its flood problems

Phuket’s Chalong area to resolve its flood problems

On 7th September 2012, Mayor of Chalong – Mr.Samran Jindapol & Chalong District Management Team announced plans to prevent the repetitive flooding in the area. In the past month, the Chalong area has experienced major floods on two occasions.

Chalong has for a long time been one of the worst flood affected by areas and it has now been agreed that urgent action is taken to prevent further floods. Therefore, it has been agreed that a narrow canal will be dug for the water to run into.

Chalong municipality has set aside 20 million baht from the 2013 fiscal year budget, which is to be used for solving the flood problem in the area.

The existing canals will be dredged, ensuring that rainwater can drain into the sea line. There are currently 2 canals, which if dredged, will alleviate some of the can problem by allowing the rainwater to flow into the sea at a faster rate. The district authorities are now in the process of exploration to see how and when the canals can be dredged

There are also plans to build a floodgate to tackle the floods which occur in front of Wat Tai temple, the floodgate is expected to use a budget of 15 million Baht.

Mr.Samran said “We have continuously approached the problem of flooding in the area. Now the funding for a 300 million project to allow the water to flow along a canal has been approved, we are sure that once complete it will solve the flood problems permanently.”


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