Houttuynia Cordata improves blood circulation

Houttuynia Cordata improves blood circulation

Houttuynia Cordata improves blood circulationIt has been discovered the chemicals of Houttuynia Cordata improves blood circulation which helps those suffering from paralysis, numb limbs, aching joints, gout, high or low blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, AIDS, allergies, constipation, haemorrhoids, and other diseases. The Pharmaceutical Properties of the Houttuynia Cordata enhances the immune system by stimulating the division of white blood cells and improving the effectiveness of the macrophage white blood cells in destroying the cancer cells that can grow in the lungs (A549), brain (XF498), tumours (SK-MEL-2), ovaries (SK-OV-3), large intestine (Hct-15) and five types of cancerous white blood cells (L1210, K526, RALA P, HR1)It inhibits the growth of mold and many types of bacteria (H.influenza, S.aurenus, Mold and Yeast. It kills the virus HSV-1, the virus HIV-1 and the Influenza virus without destroying the host cell. It helps resist bronchitis by decreasing the production of Posta glandin which is a chemical that increases irritation.

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