Phuket underpass to have 2 lanes open by early 2014

Phuket underpass to have 2 lanes open by early 2014

Phuket underpass to have 2 lanes open by early 2014On 18th April 2013 at the Office of Construction Projects on Bypass Road, Phuket Govorner – Maitree Intasut, Head of Phuket Department – Prajead Arksornthammakul, Phuket Highways Office Director – Samak Lued- wonghad and relevant departments gathered to hear about the progress of the construction of the underpass at the Darasamuth Junction.

Project Engineer – Ittiwat Kritsanawanit was on hand to provide a summary on the progress to those in attendance, he advised “The underpass at the Darasamuth junction near Central Festival Phuket Shopping Mall, being constructed to solve traffic jams in the area and increase the safety of road users, was allocated a budget of 599 million baht for construction. The contact stated that the work would start on 15th October 2012 and would be completed by 5th October 2014, giving the contractors, Ital-Thai, a total of 720 days to build the underpass. The completed project will have 3 traffic lanes in each direction, with a total width of 13.10m, and the length of the roads will be 820m from the beginning to the end.”

He added “As of today, construction is at 11% and it is predicted that by early next year (2014) 2 traffic lanes will be able to open. We have been advised that construction will ne complete in early October 2014.”


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