There will be no more new pier or marina for Phuket?

Phuket province announced there will be no more new private marina or private pier from now on in order to preserve Phuket’s sustainable coastal resources.

In a meeting for the 5th Environmental Impact Assessment 2009 in Phuket’s preservation area, the committee reported that the marina construction on the east coast has a great impact on environment from coral to sea grasses and villagers’ way of life.

Province responds to the committee’s advice about the marina project, will not allow any other marina construction. Private sector will be asked to use existing public marina and are allowed to construct an access road to their project instead.

Ms. Nalinee Thongtham, Marine Biologist, Phuket Marine Biological Center, Department of Marine and Coastal Resources said the restriction can slow down the environmental deterioration. Since every construction project has an impact on environment in a variety of levels though, Zoning and master plan should be considered and applied in the long run.

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