The UN Conference on Climate Change 2009 ends without a clear conclusion

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 2009 (UNFCCC) starting from 7-18 December, 2009, drew delegates from 192 governments worldwide to discuss carbon emission after Kyoto protocol will not be effective in next three years.

AFP reported both rich and developing countries, on the last day of the conference, agreed to to keep the maximum temperature rise of the earth to below 2 degrees Celsius. However, still no clear commitments determined at the meeting.

Under the accord, “Copenhagen Green Climate Fund” will be established to support immediate action on climate change. Developed countries will finance a goal of jointly mobilizing 100 billion dollars a year, three-year program starting in 2010 to address the needs of developing countries.

The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said “This accord cannot be everything that everyone hoped for, but it is an essential beginning”. As well, the US President Obama admitted the “Copenhagen Accord” is not enough to solve the problem but it’s a good start.

Let’s hope for conclusion and a legally binding agreement from the next full conference of the UNFCCC parties (COP 16) in Mexico in December 2010.


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