The Ocean Conservancy Leads the International Coastal Cleanup

Deputy Vice President of chamber Sakhoo sub district, Khun Ismile Midukem, Professor and Acting Coordinator for Aquaculture and Aquatic Resource Management Mr. Gallardo, and CEO of Sustainable Smiles, Ms. Kelly Franklin gave the opening speech.

This international worldwide beach cleaning campaign was held for the very first time at Nai Yang Beach and National Park in Phuket. There were 288 (nearly 300) people who attended this important event.  Indigo Pearl and Sustainable Smiles worked hand in hand with Adamas Resort and Spa, DEWA, Nai Yang Beach Resort, Home & Life Orphanage Foundation, Wat Mongkol School, and local community members to clean the entire stretch of Nai Yang beach.

Kelly Franklin explained procedure of trash collecting to all the attendants for the7 miles of beach to be cleaned which was divided into 6 areas separated with environmental flag designed by staff from the local hotels. The Data Cards determining different kinds of trash to be collected were given to all the groups who took care of different area, each group was divided into teams of 4 people with one person in charge of recording all the data.  The green plastic bags were for recycle trash and black plastic bags were for unwanted trash.  In the end, data cards have been collect to sum up all total weight of trash 1250 kgs / 2750 lbs from the 105 plastic bags.

All data will be reported to the Ocean Conservancy for them to create a report with a country-by-country breakdown of the amount and type of trash in the ocean.

At the event, there was a small exhibition of recycled trash created by Watmongkol students to show how ‘nurdles’ (preproduction plastic pellots) make it to the oceans and on beaches and how they effect marine life. The students designed this exhibition as part of the 4 month environmental education program Indigo Pearl and Sustainable Smiles are providing to students in the local community.  These students also collected over 2,000 ‘nurdles’ from Nai Yang beach.


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