Ships sinking for artificial reefs at Racha Yai Island

2 October 2009 – Marine and Coastal Resources Conservation Centre Region 5, together with Racha Yai Conservation Centre and other concerning agencies organise an artificial coral reef project, firstly to restore reef ecosystems, secondly to reduce impacts on coral reef use, and lastly to add more dive sites for divers.

Private sector supports 2 iron-made ships to dump into the sea of Ao Tue (Tue Bay). However, they’re still finding for one more ship. If possible, all ships are to be sunk likely in November after the monsoon.


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  • Phuket prepares to sink two boats near Racha Island to make an artificial reef.

    Two steel boats, donated by private firms, are to be sunk off Racha Yai Island at Ao Tuer in mid November to be an artificial reef . The Director of Marine Coastal Resources centre in Phuket Mr. Paitoon Panchaiphum said his office joins hands with the Racha Yai natural resources conservationist club, to form the artificial reef site, providing an alternative diving spot for divers. At least 15 dive companies take their clients to enjoy the spectacular underwater near Racha Island. He expects the new reef would ease the congestion near Racha Island and give a chance for natural resources to revive.


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