Sea Fan Preservation in Phuket

Jaroon Kongsub, 44 years old man residing in Palai Beach area, is the owner of the floating farm who began to preserve the sea fan since it is the residence of sea animals.

He said that he began to interbreed the red, orange and pink sea fans in the area of his floating farm after Phuket was hit by tsunami. After the sea fans grew up for 2 -3 years, he then moves them to plant in the sea and let them grow naturally. He also follows if the sea fans can survive in the natural condition and the result is very good since there are a lot of fish and other sea animals reside in the sea fan forest.

Now his project is supported by the Green Fins Club and the Mangrove and Coastal Resource Research and Development Institute by educating people the way to raise and preserve the sea fans which help to maintain natural balance in coastal ecology. Apart from this there will the sea fan planting project called “Return the Sea Fan to the Sea” on February 18th , 2010.


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