Do a good deed: earn good merit – Save a turtle or tortoise today

Save a turtle or tortoise today In Thailand, turtle release has been a traditional way of merit making for most Thais for all occasions, such as birthdays, on auspicious occasions as well as when life is not going so well.

Phuket Turtle Release is held on 13 April of each year at Naiyang Beach, a beach where for many years sea turtles have laid their eggs. It is also on this day that Phuket has its National Fish Bleeding Day. Turtle Release Fair is the mental strategies of conservation and for marine environment. Consideration of other creatures that are still required to rely on each other.

The mental activity at Mai Khao Beach

Tony Pedroni
Tony Pedroni

The Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation was launched during the Grand Opening Celebrations of JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa in March 2002, with a cheque for two million Baht that was presented by Marriott International Inc and Royal Garden Resort Ltd., to start the fund.

Tony Pedroni, General Manager of JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa and the Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation President, said of their project “We release baby turtles to their natural habitat to increase the sea turtle population and we try to protect and expand the existing sea turtle nesting and foraging habitats. It is also a great way of bringing awareness to tourists, children and local people with which we hope will achieve change for the better.

Save a turtle or tortoise today

From nursery to Andaman Sea

After being raised by Phuket Marine Biological Center, a year-old sea turtle, being roughly one foot in length, healthy and has enough courage to face a new life in the Andaman Sea may become a marathon swimmer and arrive on the shore of the Indian Sea. Or perhaps go even further than that in its continued journey seeking food.

After surfing the ocean and the growing middle-aged, mother turtles will be back to beach that they left and Phuket must be ready for them and the 70-150 eggs which they will lay.

Different turtle species will have varying amounts of eggs per nest, or clutch. The Hawksbill may only have about 70-90 eggs per clutch, while the Green Turtle may have as many as 130 eggs per clutch. Eggs incubate on beach areas until the conditions are right and they hatch.

Turtle conservation – With love and understanding

Dr.Kongkiet Kittiwattanawong
Dr.Kongkiet Kittiwattanawong

Dr.Kongkiet Kittiwattanawong, Marine Technical Specialist of Phuket Marine Biological Center, said that turtles will usually lay their eggs between November and March every year. Sea turtles are nesting at several beaches in Phuket. Thus, all sectors will need to avoid disturbance to the beach because the turtles will come to spawn less. In addition, garbage must not be left in the sea, the reefs must not be destroyed and sea grass must be conserved as this is the turtle’s food.


Annual Sea Turtle Release Program: CSR charity donation at Laguna Phuket Thailand – set up in April every year.


Annual Turtle Release at at Mai Khao by Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation


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