Rawai Municipality, Phuket plans to put wind-powered generators on ‘Loan Island’

Aroon Soros, the Mayor of Rawai Municipality, said that the municipality has planned to install wind turbines or generators on Loan Island because there were more than 100 families residing on the island and the accommodations were expanding with a large hotel previously planned, while there was no mains electricity currently supplied to the island.

Aroon said that the project was in the experimental stage and waiting for approval from the municipality board to install a wind turbine near the pier jetty of Loan Island in order to see if there was enough wind to generate electricity. If there was enough wind, one more wind turbine would be installed on top of the small mountain on the island. On the other hand, if there was not enough wind, the municipality would request an under water cable from the Provincial Electricity Authority to supply the island.

Question for readers: Do you think there should be more wind turbines on Phuket?


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