Phuket to Use Alternative Energy on Loan and Racha Islands

Jirasak Dharmawej, Head of Phuket Energy Office, revealed that Phuket has done “the Green Phuket Project” concretely as there will be the Kick Off Project: Phuket Free from Plastic Bags on February 14th  and there are more than 24 shops joined the project. He strongly believe that this project would help to reduce rubbish amount in Phuket. To maintain the project keeping Phuket green, the government sections have moved on to create the project that help to preserve the island environment.

He said that the Ministry of Energy and the private section will cooperate to establish alternative energy using instead of fossil energy in Phuket. Office of Energy Phuket has surveyed many islands around Phuket to see if there is possibility to use the alternative energy on those islands. The 2 islands that will be the model of the project are Loan Island and Racha Island. The alternative energy will be used on the islands are solar and wind energy.


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    item-4- Residents on Naka Island off Phuket requested solar cell power under a community project.
    A village committee and residents of Naka Island in Thalang district of Phuket on Saturday gathered at a local school to participate in a public session for community projects seeking central funds under the Sufficient Economy fund program. …….. Voice ***** [youtube bPMKRj24X7A


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