Phuket selects Green Junk Shops

Phuket selects Green Junk Shops

 Phuket selects Green Junk ShopsOn 16th May 20103 at Phuket Provincial Office of Natural Resources and Environment, Director of Regional Environmental Office 15 – Dr Pornsri Suthanarak presided over a meeting which was held to considered and evaluate Phuket’s Green Junk Shops, and to promote the standard development of Green Junk Shops and create awareness in managing them so as not to affect the environment.

Dr Pornsri said “The Green Junk Shop project has been arranged by the Pollution Control Department to create awareness and to promote knowledge and understanding of the guidelines of Phuket’s junk shops, which should be safe and have good hygiene. The project also helps to support the promotion of the junk shop management system, which states they should be responsible and should not have any impact on the environment and the people who live nearby. There are 23 stores participating junk shops and the committee has now carried out an environmental assessment on those shops and have passed 12 shops that will be awarded a certificate at the next available opportunity.”


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