Phuket residents release marine lives to celebrate Mother’s Day


On 10th August 2010, Phuket residents, government officers, and students released marine lives at the tip of Sapan Hin Cape to celebrate H.M. the Queen’s birthday and Mother’s Day as well on 12th August. The marine lives releasing ceremony was presided over by Niwit Aroonrat, a Vice Governor of Phuket. There was 1,510,001 marine lives released in the event. There were 1,500,000 banana prawns, 10,000 blue crabs and 1 white shark. The shark released had been caught by a fisherman in Phuket.

Kawi Saranakomkul, said that the marine lives releasing was held to honor H.M. the Queen on the occasion of her 78th birthday. It also helped increase the number of marine lives in the natural sea as well. Moreover, it made Phuket residents and youth realize that everyone had to help more to preserve coastal environments.


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