Phuket Governor leads inspection of Phuket canal

Phuket Governor leads inspection of Phuket canal

Phuket Governor leads inspection of Phuket canal A team of government and PPAO officials recently inspected Bang Yai Canal with a view to improve its water quality. Led by Governor Maitri Inthusut, the team was made up of PPAO Chief Executive – Paiboon Upattising, Deputy – Soratham Jinda, Chief Administrator – Watcharin Pathomwattanapong, Phuket City Mayor – Somjai Suwanasupana, Rassada Mayor – Phudit Raksarat, Winat Promchan from Phuket Industrial Office, and officers from Phuket Natural Resources and Environment Office..

The first stretch of the canal inspected was near the Samkong Bridge close to Samkong T-junction, which has been releasing a stench into the neighborhood. The second spot, 3-4 km further up the canal and the subject of recent public complaints, lay behind the Butterflies and Insect World garden in Soi Paniang, Tambon Rassada. At this spot, the team found that a noodle factory has been releasing its untreated wastewater into the canal.

Phuket Governor leads inspection of Phuket canal Governor Maitri has instructed responsible officials to implement four measures with immediate effect:

  • To order the noodle factory to build a retaining wall for its wastewater.
  • The same factory to install a separate electrical meter for its wastewater plant to facilitate future inspection.
  • To set up a tri-party five-person committee comprising of three people from the area, an officer from the Phuket Industrial Office, and an officer from Rassada Municipality. The committee’s task is to regularly inspect canal stretches prone to producing stench.
  • Officers from the Phuket Industrial Office should inspect wastewater systems of factories along the canal without advance warning on a regular basis.

Phuket Governor leads inspection of Phuket canal Mr. Paiboon commented that the inspection trip’s objective was to make sure that factories would step up their wastewater treatment systems and stop releasing untreated water into the canal. On PPAO’s part, the organization will use a dredger to weed out water hyacinth plants to ease water flow. It will also drop some EM balls in the canal to cure the water. PPAO will work with Rassada Municipality who will invite community leaders and villagers to take part. A long-term plan would be for PPAO to build a larger wastewater treatment plant at the end of the canal. However, he thought that Rassada Municipality should also build its own plant to treat water before sending it along to PPAO’s own.


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