Phuket City Municipality listens to garbage management from locals

phuket garbageOn February 16th 2011 at the meeting room of the Environment Department, Phuket City Municipality, Thaworn Jirapattanasopon, the Deputy Mayor of Phuket City Municipality (PCM) presided over the meeting to listen to opinions from locals regarding garbage management. There were locals, entrepreneurs, members of the environment conservation club, and representatives from schools who attended the meeting.

Thaworn said the tourism industry and growing city of Phuket made 530 tons of garbage a day. The amount of garbage tends to increase by around 7% every year. The existing garbage management system will not be able to cope with the continuous increase of garbage. Therefore, every sector has to think about the most efficient way to manage garbage on the island.

The main issues discussed at the meeting were the renovation of the incinerator, the system of garbage management, BMT garbage management as well as production of clean energy from buried garbage.


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