Phuket City Municiality to improve the land fill site

Phuket City Mayor Somjai Suwansuppana said they are now working hard with bad odour problem from the waste disposal site during the waiting for the completion of the second incinerator.

Phuket City Municipality’s disposal center has been operated since 1997. Phuket’s garbage is increasing every year and with the capacity of the existing incinerator, it is already overloaded. That made Office of Phuket City Municipality to find a private firm to invest in another incinerator construction.

The second incinerator will be able to handle more than 300 tons of garbage daily. PJT Co., Ltd the investor is now on working to choose the contractor.

It will take about 20 months for construction. Phuket City Municipality therefore needs to adjust 120 rai of landfill site to enhance their disposal capacity.

Phuket uses this landfill site since 1992 which are already overloaded. Earlier this year the office received a complaint from nearby residents over the bad smell. They solves the problem by using Effective Microorganism to spray at landfill site. This is not the right way to solve the problem though, we still need a good cooperation from every one to sort and reduce garbage.


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