Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort Unveils Exciting New Marine Biological Center

Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort Unveils Exciting New Marine Biological Center

Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort unveiled its new Marine Biological Center – dedicated to educating local residents and guests about marine life at the resort’s house reef through interactive learning sessions with the resident Marine Biologist – with a grand opening ceremony on November 25, 2023.

Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort, located on the southern end of picturesque Kamala Bay, houses a pristine reef just 150 meters from the beach. Taking the resort’s reef experience to new heights, the newly built Marine Biological Center offers interactive and edutainment experiences for all age groups. It has an array of marine equipment, including jellyfish tanks, a mangrove tank, reef tanks and a touch pool, as well as the latest scientific laboratory equipment including stereo microscopes.

Driving the Marine Biological Center is resident Marine Biologist Marat Khaidarov. A graduate of the Far Eastern Federal University in Russia, where he also taught and researched, Marat has over a decade’s experience in marine life, most recently at the helm of Russia’s largest public aquarium and scientific education center.

Marat can often be found wandering the shore at low tide or diving the reef, and his vision is to inspire in the next generation the same love of the ocean. To this end, aspiring young biologists can join him in the lab to examine the life cycle of jellyfish with his educational session “The Mysterious Transformation”, from polyps to medusa (the translucent creatures we know), and how they are perfect food for sea turtles, while plastics in the ocean which they can mistake for food are harmful.

Older children will delve into the world of ocean chemistry, learning how the smallest changes in salinity and pH levels can affect a wide range of coral life, and how we can protect against such changes caused by human activity. And the entire family will enjoy shore walks exploring the tidal pools with different species of starfish, crabs and corals, which turn fluorescent at night under UV light.

The Marine Biological Center supports charities like Oceans For All and Phuket Has Been Good To Us, which are dedicated to the conservation of marine life and to educating the young minds of Phuket.

The grand opening of the Marine Biological Center on November 25, 2023 saw many of the island’s leading eco-guardians in attendance, including Khun Surapong Banchongmanee (Director of the Phuket Aquarium), David Martin (Founder and Director of Oceans For All), and Khun Suthep Jualaong (Director of the Marine and Coastal Resources Research Center). Presiding over the event, and thanking all those who joined, General Manager Chandrashekhar Joshi said, “The new Marine Biological Center not only elevates our guest experience, introducing all ages to ocean life in an engaging way, but is also part of our long-term vision for hospitality on the island – to be responsible, to give back, to educate and to preserve nature’s beauty for future generations.”

Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort’s house reef is the ideal setting for snorkeling, scuba and free diving. Coral formations to explore include the Garden of Eden and Stark Tower, with dozens of species to admire including the ever-popular butterflyfish, lionfish and moray eels. On the far end of the house reef is the popular dive spot “Kamala Rocks” which is famous amongst the local diving community.

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