Karon uses microorganism biotechnology helping to solve environment issues

microbial biotechnologyKaron Municipality is using microbial biotechnology products in order to address environmental problems after experiencing rapid growth from the tourism industry.

Mr. Weerawat Chanpen Deputy Governor of Phuket said after opening a project promoting the use of microbial biotechnology products, “environmental management is an important issue after the city seeing rapid growth within the tourism industry. This increase means the situation of environmental problems and opportunities in Phuket are very likely to increase on all sides. We need to emphasise more environmental conveniences to accommodate tourists.

Some of the issues affecting the environment, with such a large number of tourists arriving, are solid waste problems and also the amount of natural water used for consumption increasing by a large amount. Such issues cause environmental problems and I am happy to say that many organisations are trying to think of ways and measures to reduce these problems.

Recently, the community in Karon Municipality has been promoting the use of biological products by using microorganisms in fermented forms such as Enzyme Ionic Plasma, Microorganisms Lump for treatment and enhancement of the quality of water resources. Adding organic compost to improve soil quality and stimulate absorption of minerals in the soil, etc. and playing a part in helping with the rehabilitation of degraded natural resources. It also helps to maintain a balance with nature, a key selling point of Karon beach is a sandy beach and its natural beauty.”


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