Kamala residents replanted trees on Mother’s Day

On August 11th 2010, Wichai Praisa-ngob, the Governor of Phuket, presided over a re-forestation project held to celebrate H.M. the Queen’s birthday on August 12th. The re-forestation was held in the area of Ket Nee Mountain in Kamala Village. There were a lot of government officers, representatives from hotels, private sectors, and villagers attending the event. After replanting the trees, all the participants released marine lives into Ket Nee Lake together.

Governor Wichai said that the participation of villagers replanting trees in the forest and maintaining the water resource would be advantageous in the future. If people destroyed forests and water resources, they would be the ones affected by their action. Everybody takes advantage of nature, but they also had to help nature.

Meanwhile, Jutha Dumlak, the President of Kamala Administrative Organization, mentioned that humans depend on natural resources. He said “We have to use those resources as well as preserve them. As our country is developing, the natural environment is getting destroyed. Therefore, everybody needs to help recover the environment.”


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