“Dedicate your life to making a difference!” John Gray – Environmentalist

EnvironmentalistSome readers may find the content of this interview controversial and some may find some comments offensive. However, the truth often hurts!

john gray
John Gray

1.    Could you tell us about yourself, your age (if Ok) where from etc?

Would you like me to write a trilogy for you?  I’m John Gray, I’m 66 and was born an environmentalist, taught to be humble but quietly understand I can do anything I want. I’ve lived ten lives. My friends are rich and powerful, poor and disadvantaged, but the true value of a person is in their heart – not their wallet. In fact, the more wealth you have, the more difficult it is to be a real person.

My resume is attached!

2.    How and why did you become involved with environmental issues?

From birth, I was given the curse of vision, and I have eyes.  We were given a miraculous gift Mother Earth – and we are destroying it.

We live in the most marvelous era in history, and the worst.  Like our governments, we live beyond our means, and like any government or person who does so, we will collapse – It won’t be pretty, and it won’t matter if you are rich or poor.  In fact, the rich will suffer more than the poor.

3.    What is the most important thing a person can do to help the environment?

  • A – Be aware of the issues!
  • B – Dedicate your life to making a difference!
  • C – Consider your environmental footprint – your business, your wheels, your family and you!
  • D – Don’t care what others think. Ten years after you upset them, they thank you for what you did.
  • E – Do good just to be good!  Don’t worry if anybody notices or not!
  • F – Remember, all life comes from the same source, and all life is precious!
  • G – Be vegan! Killing animals is bad karma, cruel and vicious no matter the justification (even if you didn’t kill what you eat). You eventually pay the price for killing – in heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes. Furthermore, animal husbandry contributes as much to greenhouse gas as cars and airplanes combined.

john grayjohn gray4.    What is your opinion on the environmental state of Phuket?


I don’t blame anybody, but until the rich and common Thai people become environmentally aware, we are doomed. Education is the key, but when the rich don’t pay their taxes to support better education, the future is hopeless. In two generations time, it won’t matter if you are rich or poor – life will be miserable for everyone.

5.    How can it be improved?

We have to educate people to become aware of the issues, and encourage them to do something about it. Get upset with incompetence and lack of awareness. Consider every action you do.  Don’t worry about money.

Government officials must put Phuket and the public before themselves, and forget hierarchy.  Set an example – Get down in the mud and plant mangroves with the school kids – on TV, so everybody gets the message. If you can’t do the mud walk, your are insignificant no matter your status and power- you are just a worthless animal, taking up space on Mother Earth.

Everybody must pay their taxes so we can create a strong government and educational system.

Remember that corruption costs more than money – it costs all of us the future, even those who take the corruption. Corruption and criminal both start with the same letter.

john gray

6.    If people would like to get involved with your project how can they do so?

Call 076-254-505.  That’s all.

If you are Thai, be proud of Thailand, be proud to be Thai, and be proud you protect your own country!

If you are Farang, be proud to help Thailand – and the Planet. We are all one!  The rubbish you take from the Bay may have made it to your home country!

On 18th January 2011 John Gray will be holding his annual Beach Clean at Phang Nga Bay and James Bond Island. The cost of this trip will be 1000 baht. This cost includes food, boat trip to James Bond Island and use of Kayak.

If you would like to participate in this event or want further information please call John on 076-254-505


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