Feedback about Phuket Free from Plastic Bag Project

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pan Thongchumnum, the Vice President of Faculty of Technology and Environment, Prince of Songkla University, revealed feedback in a survey done by Andaman Poll into the project called ‘Phuket Free From
Plastic Bag’ which was officially launched on February 14th, 2010.

After Andaman Poll collected data from 420 people by an accidental sampling method in 6 different areas of Phuket namely BaanZan Market, Kathu Market, Phuket Rajabhat University market, Central Festival Department Store, Big C Phuket, and Tesco Lotus Phuket, the results indicated that on the day of the survey, 74.59% of people used plastic bags, while only 25.41% of people used baskets or fabric bags. 52.71% of the sample said that they knew about the project, mostly from advertising signs.

97.41% agreed with the local government launching this project. 67.06% of them believed that the project would help reduce rubbish amounts in Phuket and 62% agreed that this project would encourage people to use more fabric bags. For the factors that make people not like to use fabric bags, 83% said inconvenience of use and 17% worried about fabric bag prices. Most people or about 84 % would use fabric bags to get discounts from the shops or department stores. The factors influencing people to buy the fabric bags are convenience, duration, design, price and size.


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