Centre for Agri-nature in Phuket

12 November 2009 – Phuket’s “Agri-nature Centre” is located on a 38-rai land plot in Moo 2, Vichit Sub-district.  which dedicated itself for His Majesty the King’s sufficiency economy theory, farming for self reliance.

Travel to Thepnimit Temple (near Vichit Municipality), you will find the entrance to the centre on the opposite. Drive for 500 metres, the centre is there.

Mrs Paijit Jitwongsa, director of the centre revealed, “I moved here from the north east of Thailand for a job. After a while I found that Phuket is too reliant on others. We have to import many kinds of food from other provinces. I noticed this and started to think about farming.” continued, “Luckily, The Prateep Na Thalangs Family let us rent the land at low rate. At the beginning farming was just my second job. But when I found out later that it could create more revenue than my full time job, My husband and I then decided to resign and become a full-time farmers.”

“At that time, we travel around Thailand seeking for knowledge and training. We reached a turning point again after our visit to the agriculture centre in Chonburi Province. We learned the King’s New Agricultural Theory, brought it back and took it into action switching from all chemicals to natural products and folk wisdom. We passed on knowledge and persuaded our neighbours to join also, consequently Phuket’s natural agriculture centre was officially established in 2008 by support of Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and other government’s offices in Phuket.”

Director of Phuket Centre for Agri-nature, Paijit Jitwongsa
Director of Phuket Centre for Agri-nature, Paijit Jitwongsa

The centre is consising of hydroponics, soil growing plantation, herbs, biodiesel production, bio-organic fertilizer production, multi-purpose solution manufacturing, charcoal making and so much more including a building for those who want to learn the king’s theory to use.

Director Paijit said “Sufficiency Agriculture has improved my quality of living both in term of revenue and health. It’s our pride that we can now rely on ourselves.”

“Sufficiency economy philosophy is not difficult to understand and it is easy to achieve, you just need to open your mind and pay enough attention to it. Come to us for a free training Tel.  086-7421856, 076-355578-9 or calls Mr Suthep Anekpinittham at 081-5697791.


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