35 countries join International Coral Reef Symposium in Phuket

During June 20th-24th 2010, at Royal Phuket City Hotel, representatives from 35 countries attended the 2nd International Coral Reef Symposium in Asia Pacific (ICSAP) hosted by Ramkamheang University. The main agenda of the conference was to find solutions for coral bleaching effects which may be related to global climate change and other factors.

The conference focused on the research showing the coral bleaching situation in Asia–Pacific and how it affects humans. In Thailand, about 30% – 40% of the coral was declining. However, related organizations have been trying to recover it even if it takes a long time due to the slow growth rate of coral. Meanwhile the overview of the coral reef situation in Asia – Pacific was still reasonable, with some of the most beautiful in the world still growing in this region.


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    I can read about this stuff all day long, thanks for the write up my friend! 35 countries join International Coral Reef Symposium in Phuket by Phuket News was a wonderful read.


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