People Focus: Mr. Wirachai Pranveerapaiboon – CEO The Twovillas Group


Mr. Wirachai Pranveerapaiboon
Mr. Wirachai Pranveerapaiboon

“The Developer of Phuket’s New Lifestyle of Living” by Mr. Wirachai Pranveerapaiboon 

Nowadays, the environment is a big problem affecting the whole world. Natural disasters, global warming and pollution are happening in every country. One important issue the EU is particularly interested in is the organic system, which is conscious of the importance of the environment. The focus is on developing their industries, without the use of synthetic chemicals, by improving pollution technology and adopting the use of renewable energy.

Many business owners in Phuket have been aware of the importance of reducing environmental pollution. Twovillas Group is one company that has started. Real estate is a business that will be responsible for reducing chemical use by using the organic system, reserving the natural environment and being environmentally friendly. recently spoke to Mr. Wirachai Pranveerapaiboon: CEO of the Twovillas Group about his identity and their vision of the organic project

Who is Mr. Wirachai Pranveerapaiboon?

I was born in Phuket but went to study Architecture at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang in Bangkok. After that, I came back to work in Phuket and was able to get a great opportunity to work in architecture, which is my passion. I worked for about 7-8 years with ROOF Company Limited. Fortunately, this time also gave me an opportunity to meet old friends with whom I use to study. With ROOF I was able to create a new standard of design and construction for Phuket. At this time, I think what we had to offer was on a par in quality with that which was on offer in Bangkok. The experience I gained with ROOF was a great start to my career.

TwovillasThe Twovillas Group was established because…?

After ROOF launched into the market and gained such great feedback, I decided to move up a step and open a new property company named The Twovillas Group. The company was started in cooperation with many real estate companies, architects and international entrepreneurs. Twovillas Group offers a range of creatively conceived contemporary properties whose areas also include property management services. We wanted Twovillas Group to offer lifestyle options for people seeking the perfect property for either a permanent, temporary or holiday home.

New ways of The Twovillas Group are?

I am confi dent that we are part of a new standard of residential construction in Phuket. I always wanted to find new ways in which we could bring the development of The Twovillas properties into a new era for properties in Phuket. I also think we will sell beautiful buildings. We are firm believers of being conscious of the spirit of the buyer.

Our world today has more and more natural crises happening near to us. I had an idea to do a project which focuses on helping to reduce these problems. It is Twovillas main belief that respect for nature and living as part of the environment is a way we can help resolve the problems and the keyword for this approach is “organic.

Twovillas Group

How are Organic and Properties linked?

Twovillas Group has initiated a project to its Saiyuan Estate Project that reduces chemical use, uses energy saving devices and saves water, creating a safe natural environment for the residents in the project.

The principles of the Organic Home Project must be to use organics in all project areas. Organic is a must for chemical free use in common areas and in the villa. A wastewater treatment system must be installed in every house; every house must have a separate waste, landscape architecture must reflect natural materials that reduces pollution by reducing the destruction of natural resources and uses wood from the industrial park. Homes have been designed to have more
natural light and are well ventilated, reducing the use of natural energy. In addition, the project has also been organised to encourage customers to realise the importance of the environment that is friendly to nature.

Although the Organic Project is difficult and will require high budgets, Twovillas Group policy is to use the Organic System in all of its projects. This is because in the long term it will be of great benefi t to the Phuket environment. Phuket will be a beautiful city to live forever!

The Twovillas Group
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