TSL prioritized after-sales Service welcoming all luxury vehicle

TSL prioritized after-sales Service welcoming all luxury vehicle

TSL Prioritized After-Sales Service  Welcoming all Luxury Vehicle from any Brands & Establishing Two NEW Service Centers Next Year
TSL Prioritized After-Sales Service
Welcoming all Luxury Vehicle from any Brands & Establishing Two NEW Service Centers Next Year

TSL has developed its 2015 business plan to further advance into the imported automobile market by providing service to all premium automobile brands, this includes those with already expired warranty. The approximate budget to expand and renovate its facilities to ensure better services is around 60 million Baht. Furthermore, TSL expected to unveil two new service centers by next year with a predicted overall income to be boosted by 20%.

Miss Sureeporn Udompolvanich, CEO of TSL Auto Corporation Co., Ltd. revealed in 2015, TSL focus is to expand its corporate strategy and image in the imported premium market by shifting the importance more towards the Service centers that would be capable of providing the complete package to all luxurious premium automobiles from any brand, which furthermore includes vehicles that contains an already expired warranty for our customers. TSL’s main priority is to completely satisfy our customers, which makes it essential for our customers to possess the most accomplished automobile possible, and that is the main objective of TSL.

TSL Main Headquarter located at Change Wattana Road, it has invested an estimated of 60 million Baht to revitalize and expand its service center so that it is thoroughly capable of assisting our customer in every aspect. This upgrade would provide better services, such as the paint and replacement parts departments would adequately repair an automobile quicker and more efficient than ever before. Moreover, with this improvement, TSL is compatible with customers that purchased other premium automobile brands, would still contain complete access to our new facilities regardless of brand.

TSL’s 4 service center branches are located at the main headquarter at Change Wattana, Satorn, Thong Lo, and Phuket. Paint and motor engine services are only accessible at our main headquarter which is in Chang Wattana and Phuket. It contains the efficiency of holding 160 automobiles per day. However, for the painting department, is capable of containing 300 automobiles per month.”

After modifying our strategy, TSL had announced that there will be 2 new service centers by the turn of the year. These 2 branches will be located in Bangkok with the other being located outside the capital. As a result, we predict that our new service centers will increase our total revenue by 20%”, Sureeporn Udompolvanich concluded.

Mr. Chatr Panchasarp, After Sale Service Director of TSL Auto Corporation Co., Ltd. emphasized “TSL’s Phuket service centre will be divided into 3 departments. The first department is for the painting repair and body vehicle services. With the exceptional standard of GLASURIT painting that is accepted throughout the world which is followed by the 25 plus years of painting experience they possess. Furthermore, they are required to attend the annual training by the CE (Ratio-Colors), the theory and technology in paint adjustment, and the FR (Fast Repair) curriculum, to enhance the speed and precision of paint fixation. This training procedure was brought by the founder of GLASURIT, Bara Coatings Co.ltd. This procedure was established in order to increase and develop a better understanding regarding the advance technology of painting. It would enable TSL to thoroughly analyze every possibility and select the best possible method to handle the situation with precision and efficiency that would guarantee that our customer’s vehicle would be concluded within 24 hours.

The availability and delivering speed of our body vehicle is extremely fast. We guarantee the coloring quality and speed in which our products would be delivered will undoubtedly satisfy all of our customers.”

The second department would be for the mechanical repairs and services. We have approximately 40 professional mechanics that were directly trained at the Mobil 1 Standard Center facilities.”

“Finally, the third and final department consists of the Central Part Department (CPD). TSL is hastily developing and improving this department so that it would enable us to obtain all mechanical parts for every imported automobile. The objective is to acquire a suitable amount of efficient supplies that would ensure a quick and quality fix to our customer’s automobile. We are confident that this department would be ready very soon.”


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