Think Big with Dr. Jirachai Amornpairoj, General Manager of ‘The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa’

Dr. Jirachai Amornpairoj, General Manager of ‘The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa’

The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa has a tall building significantly towering above its neighbors and can be seen from every corner of Patong. Besides its outstanding look, the wisdom of its top executive is another aspect that will add an interesting aspect to these few pages, with his thoughts that reflect who he is and what runs in his head.

It was very surprising to learn that that Dr. Jirachai Amornpairoj is not only the General Manager of The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa, but also a doctor by profession – an Orthopedic Surgery specialist at Bangkok Hospital Phuket – and also an associate judge of the Juvenile and Family Court of Phuket and the President of Patong Hotels Association.

“Many people may wonder how I can do these jobs simultaneously. Actually, you only need good time management, practical planning, an effective management and knowledge to delegate the right man for the right job. Different roles also mean different goals that I have to achieve. No matter whether it is for my personal business, for the community, for the public, or for patients, the quantity is not what I’m focusing on. It’s the quality and the goal I’m holding onto.”

Patong is known as the most important economic landmark of Phuket. The number of tourists visiting Phuket is probably more than 6 million people per year and almost 6 billion baht revenue is circulated on the island, mostly coming from Patong’s tourism. For this reason, Patong has a lot of hotels, lodges and other kind of accommodations – small to large.

“As I was honored to be the President of Patong Hotels Association, I try to bring together hotel entrepreneurs in the area and strengthen our commitment to run our businesses in an ethical manner by focusing on the public’s interests and environmental problems first, so that we can continually generate income for Phuket in the long term. I believe most visitors expect to see the unspoiled nature of Phuket but we can’t deny that the growth of the hotel industry in the area is also a major cause of the environmental problems and inseparable social issues.”

It’s not easy to freeze the number of hotels from increasing in future.

“As long as Patong is still a colourful destination that is filled with fun activities for 24 hours a day through a variety of activities from the beach to the nightlife and as long as Patong beach remains Phuket’s long & friendly swimming beach, Patong will always be loved and attract more tourists to visit.”

The Royal Paradise Hotel & Resort

Nowadays, awareness about environmental conservation is rising all over the industry. But for The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa, which over 10 years ago joined the ‘Green Leaf ‘ Foundation that promotes the development of environmental management in the workplace, the issue then started to be the hotel’s area of concern since environmental protection was still a melodramatic phrase that was not being spoken about much, 10 years ago.

“I personally always believe that it’s impossible for any tourist business to lack a good environment. Therefore we take it into action. Joining with the Green Leaf Foundation and following the well defined standards in an integrated way, helps reduce costs in our hotel in several sectors, instills pleasant values in our employees and creates an impressive image among guests. I hope to see other hotels or organizations pay attention to the environmental issue and take eco-friendly practices seriously, because it’s good for themselves, good for others and good for the world as well.”

It was exciting news of the year when The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa announced collaboration with some other organizations in Thailand to co-host a professional snooker tournament “Sangsom Thailand Professional Circuit 2010” in Phuket which was considered one of the important major international sporting events on the island. The event was partially driven by Dr. Jirachai with the intention to use sport to promote Patong’s and Phuket’s tourism.

“It was a very good opportunity for Phuket to be chosen to organise the tournament which drew many world-class players to participate. They are like our presenters and they guarantee that Phuket is ready for any big events to come. And this will have a positive impact on tourism and economy of Phuket in the future.”


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