“The Square X” a complete paradise lifestyle

The Square X“The Square X” project was started as a result of the success of The Square’s original project “The Square Kuku” in Phuket Town. With sales of more than 95% prior to completion, and the construction at this time having progressed significantly, the developers have been amazed. Due to the great success the developers have bought forward their idea to develop a second project, “The Square X”, in a new location, and respond to the needs of customers requiring condominium type residencies. Therefore, the second project has now commenced in the area of Chengtalay. The executive team talked to phuketindex.com about their latest (but certainly not their last) project.

Could you tell us about ‘The Square X?

“The Square X” is strategically situated in the landscape of the tropical living area of Chengtalay-Baan Don. We want to offer people a complete paradise lifestyle, with an assortment of restaurants, a sophisticated shopping arcade and white sand beaches. The combination of a quality community, great residential neighborhood and the most convenient transportation make this the perfect condominium location.

The Square X is a development of residential condominiums. It will offer 72 units, in six styles, ranging from 1 bedroom to 3 bedrooms. Each unit will be fully furnished. The units will be housed within a 7-storey building. It has been designed with a modern resort style in mind and will be equipped with full amenities and excellent security system.
The Square XIn your opinion, what is a good condominium for the Phuket market?

With condominiums, like other products sold in the marketplace, customers expect their money to have been well spent. For Phuket the quality of life is an important thing that everyone needs. The purchasing power of the condo market in Phuket is high level. This enables businesses to create a wide range of condo levels, ranging from affordable for the local community to the luxury condo for foreigners.

But for everybody the condo must be of very high quality in all areas such as the design, decoration, facilities and location. But the difference for us is we have to know the condo is “Worth the Price”. Because of this we will be able to target a larger variety of customers and it can be proved that the condos are of good quality and that the cheap price is for real. For us this is the meaning of good condominium.

Why do you define “The Square X as a magic charm of the square?

Our product is a condominium; people often relate the symbol of a square to a room. But we have a special square which responds to every need of the customers. If your needs are simply a beautiful fully functional room or a quiet location, not far from the zone of trade and business, all your needs are not far away.

The words “Magic Charm” for us mean something very special that you will love and be affordable at a very good price.

All executives used all of their experience and vision to provide a quality condominium and real value for consumers. The consumer can decide and select a place that offers a good quality of life for them.

A statement from the executives to our readers

Trust us and you are invited to come and get to know our condominium and be sure to remember the brand “The Square” because we will create excitement again with new projects in the future.



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