A one stop shop for buying and selling quality real estate

A one stop shop for buying and selling quality real estate

On Thursday, October 1st 2020 in Phuket the Grand Opening ceremony of ” Property Discount Center Thailand” was held. It is the first online / offline property marketplace in Thailand. Property owners can meet international buyers and investors directly without a middleman. They do not incur any additional costs like commissions or any other payments.

Mr. Stuart Coakley, director of the Property Discount Center Thailand highlighted: “We are a property marketplace, not an agency or broker. We are help to sale your property. You have a unique opportunity to place your condominium, villa, business or boat at our center so we can share with many buyers from all around the world. We do wide advertisement company to promote center and it’s properties to potential customers at Hong Kong, Singapore, Macao, China(mainland), Russia and European countries. They will be able to receive your direct contact and buy online today!”

“We have over 10 years of experience successfully facilitating sales of property online when the foreign buyer does not have to come in Thailand during the sale. All stages: deposit, contracts signing, 100% payment and ownership transfer registration can be done without need them to come here. This is particularly important at a time of travel uncertainty when investors want to invest but have the obstacle of Covid 19 restrictions.” – Mr.Stuart Coakley said.”

Usually to sell their properties developers and individual owners are spending 20-35% of the selling price for advertisement, marketing expenses, agent’s commissions, booths rental, sales managers salaries, discounts requested by buyers, etc. We use other format of sales: instead of incurring these expenses it is better to do an attractive discount buyer so both parties can have a win-win situation.

Our center employs managers of different nationalities with knowledge of Thai, English, Chinese, Russian and other languages. We will help buyer and seller in case if they speak different language. During these challenging times it is important to find new ways to attract international investors and to increase sales of real estate sales in Thailand that have slowed down or almost stopped due to the “Covid-19s new normal”. The increase of sales in the property sector will give developers the much-needed opportunity to start new projects, that will allow for the creation of many new working places, bringing a positive effect to the whole economy of Thailand.


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