The Benefits of Purging Solutions as an Injection Mold Cleaner

The Benefits of Purging Solutions as an Injection Mold Cleaner

Any operations manager with experience will tell you that properly scheduling routine maintenance and repair for their machines was a top priority in their yearly plan. They know that regularly servicing and repairing machines reduces the chance of failure during a critical manufacturing period. One notoriously finicky machine to maintain is an injection molder due to the precise nature of its design and the propensity for the residue to get stuck in the machine parts. For repair people, there is only one choice for an injection mold cleaner: purging.

Using a purging solution as an injection mold cleaner has become the preferred method for regularly cleaning an injection molder. It’s fast, efficient, and cost-sensitive, making it the ideal method for cleaning an injection mold machine. Purging solutions are rapidly replacing the traditional manual method of cleaning because they offer tremendous benefits that manual cleaning can’t compete with.

If you run a factory with an injection molding machine and you are not yet using purging solutions to handle your injection mold cleaning, then check out these reasons why you should make the change.

Time is Money

Most manufacturing facilities today run on incredibly tight schedules. While there is some wiggle room for error or delay, most facilities run like clockwork. Built into any schedule is routine maintenance and repair for each and every machine, and while it’s not difficult to find time to fit in these scheduled cleanings and repairs, it does mean that the facility has to cease operations. If machines aren’t running, products aren’t getting made and money is not coming into the company.

For this reason, purging solutions for injection mold cleaning are so well-liked and appreciated. The time savings on using a purging solution versus manually cleaning the machine are incalculable, as purging solutions only require one running cycle on the machine (under an hour, typically) and manual cleaning requires full disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly. Quicker cleaning is always valued because it reduces the time a facility spends offline.

Reassembly Risks

As mentioned, manual injection mold cleaning requires maintenance staff to disassemble, clean, and reassemble a machine each time they want to clean it. Given the injection molding machine’s highly precise nature, reassembly must be done by an expert staff who has experience with the specific machine. A loose screw or unlevel surface can spell disaster for a machine of that precision.

In contrast, purging solutions do not require any assembly.

A More Thorough Clean

As humans, we are prone to error, and this transfers over to manually cleaning injection molding machines. Manually cleaning creates the risk that the cleaner may miss a spot or not get all the residue off a specific hard-to-reach area. With precise machinery, a small imperfection can make a big impact.

Purging solutions are much more effective because they use chemicals to break down and residue. Plus, as a liquid, they can get to those hard-to-reach places much more easily than a human can.

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