Work Faster with a Stretch Hood Film Supplier

Work Faster with a Stretch Hood Film Supplier

The shipping industry runs on a very tight schedule. Any technology that speeds up and simplifies preparing materials for shipping is quickly adopted as a standard tool in the industry. Most shipping companies keep in close contact with their stretch hood film suppliers. These companies have come to be seen as indispensable to busy shipping companies.

Stretch hoods are a time and labor-saver in the shipping industry. They’re not suitable for every type of pallet cargo, but they work well with heavy items, like pallets loaded with sacks of cement. These items tend to stay in one place and nestle into each other. Engineers realized that correctly loaded pallets of heavy goods didn’t need the time-consuming and plastic-consuming bottom-to-top wrapping job that most shipping companies employed as a regular step in their shipping practices.

What’s required to stabilize the entire pallet is only a wrapping of plastic around the top couple of rows of goods.

Once it was realized that the entire pallet of a load of heavy goods didn’t require complete wrapping, the plastic suppliers saw the value in creating a product that only wrapped the top of the pallet and did it quickly and efficiently. This product would save time and labor in hand-wrapping. It would also save plastic on plastic material costs.

Simpler Way to Secure a Pallet
The stretch hood is a simpler and faster way to secure a pallet of relatively heavy goods for shipping. It takes advantage of inertia as well as the stacking pattern of the goods on the pallet. It also makes good use of the need to pack pallets as close as possible in a rail car or truck. By packing the pallets closely when they’re underway to their destination, and sudden movement is most likely, the pallets support each other.

The stretch hood is a simple one-piece plastic ‘cap’ that’s stretched over the top rows of a pallet-load of goods. It’s designed to fit a load of one of the industry standard-sized pallets. By creating the concept, engineers came up with both the stretch hood and the machine to install it.

The savings in time, money and the reduction in spillage, makes the stretch hood one of the most important tools in the shipping industry today. Stretch hoods are also regularly used on pallets that are stacked on top of one another. They provide a safeguard for goods from spillage from packages stacked above them.

As more and more shipping companies discover the ease of use and the speed at which stretch hoods can be applied to pallets, the industry is enjoying faster shipping schedules, less spillage and breakage, and greater customer satisfaction.

MMP Corp is a Leading Supplier of Stretch Hoods
MMP is a stretch hood supplier in Thailand, but we ship our quality products to eager customers all over the world. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of putting stretch hoods to work for your company.

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