Property Investment Situation in Phuket

Property Data Center revealed the overview of Phuket property projects in the 3rd quarter of 2009 stating that turnover was 150,000 million baht on the island and the investment tendency this year should see more increases.

Samma Kitasin, the director of Property Data Center of Government Housing Bank (GHB), said that the survey result of the center during the 3rd quarter of last year indicated that there were approximately 16,000 units of property being constructed with 150,000 million baht investment value. Those properties include 51 horizontal housing development projects (9000 units) worth 32,000 million baht, 5000 units of condominiums worth 55,000 million baht, and 1,900 units of villas worth 57,000 million baht.

Even though the year of 2009 saw a world economic crisis which made the property trade in Phuket quite quiet, later in the year the housing trade situation was getting better. This year, there were lots of foreigners coming to Phuket, consequently it’s estimated that the property market would be more active.


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