Phuket’s Gross Provincial Product extended for 2007

10 September 2009 – Phuket Provincial Treasury Office reports Gross Provincial Product of Phuket in 2007 values 81,352.75 million baht. The GPP extended gains to 10.06 percent compared with 73,846.32 million baht figure for 2006. Reports also show 281,361 baht per year capita GPP, 8.42 percent increase for 2007.

GPP is compiled by National Economic and Social Development Board. It is a measurement for output at the provincial level. Phuket Provincial Treasury Office is responsible for the information and statistics collecting from 16 sectors of production. GPP will benefit province on planning for gross production expansion in the future since the reports provide information about the structure of gross output, intermediate cost, value added and factor income of the province as well.


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