Phuket’s CCTV project making progress

Phuket’s CCTV project makes progress

At Phuket City Hall on 17th July 2012, Mr.Jamroen Thipayapongthada the Deputy Governor of Phuket together with relevant departments and a representative of TOT Co.,Ltd. held a meeting about the improvements needed to Phuket’s CCTV systems.

Due to the fact Phuket is a world-class tourist destination, is seeing an increasing amount of tourist every year and is Thailand’s leading tourist destination it needs to see a big improvement in its security systems, especially its CCTV system, which it has been agreed needs to see both the government and private sectors cameras linked together.

The meeting was arranged so that TOT could present to Phuket’s relevant departments details of how they would be able to install a central CCTV centre, provide a management program, connect all systems together, provide faces & target detection systems and details regarding storage of the systems data.

If the project is agreed, TOT will be in charge of the work processes and will be required to work together with the local government and associated private organization. Mr.Jamroen said that if the project can be implemented practically and will cover the whole of Phuket it will alleviate a lot of misadventures, problems arriving from traffic accidents and crime, bringing much needed improvements to the trust and security of the tourists.

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