Phuket to hold its 7th OTOP Expo

Phuket to hold its 7th OTOP Expo

Earlier today (5th July), Mr. Tri Akaradecha- Phuket’s Governor, Mr.Kriwut Chuaisathit – Director of Phuket Community Development Department and the board of the OTOP network announced that Phuket will hold its 7th OTOP Expo at Sapan Hin from 10 – 16 July 2012.

Mr.Tri said that the OTOP projects have been carried out since for 11 years and have been defined in the development strategy of Phuket. The project can create jobs and increase income to the communities. Last year the amount of income raised from OTOP products was 997,675,770 baht. This year, Phuket plans to spend a budget of 1,149,000 baht on the expo in Phuket and will spend 1,204,450 baht to take the Expo out on the road with two Road Shows. This year it is hoped that OTOP products sold will total 820 million baht. As from October 2011 until June 2012 the amount raised is 539 million baht.

Mr.Kriwut added that OTOP’s Expo 2012 is the 7th in Phuket and will be hosted by Phuket’s Community Development Department and Commercial Affairs Department. The OTOP community from outside provinces will also be joining the Expo and the products on offer will be food, beverages, apparel fabric, herbs, gifts and decorative items.

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