Phuket’s “Stop Discrimination against Disabled.” workshop

Phuket’s “Stop Discrimination against Disabled." workshop

On 27th July 2012 at Catharena Hotel, Phuket City, Mr.Sawai Promjinda President of Association of Disabled People of Phuket, presided over the opening workshop of “Stop Discrimination against Disabled.”

The workshop summarised the Persons with Disabilities Act of 2550, and the rules and procedures which should be performed by employers who employ people with disabilities, and also to promote the development of the quality of life for people with disabilities.

The Persons with Disabilities Act of 2550 covers many issues, including what support should be given by an employer when hiring people with disabilities, what funds should be paid to those with disabilities and also whether a person with a disability requires a guardian.

Disabled Thai people have a right to work; they can choose to work in any position which they are interested in and are capable of doing. Any disabled person looking for work should contact 1694 for more information.


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