Phuket Pearl and the National SME Excellence Award

This is another memorable moment: one of Thailand’s leading pearl producers ‘Phuket Pearl Industry Co., Ltd.’ brings pride to Phuket again. The company’s outstanding performance in the industry got praise by others for ‘Phuket’s Pearl’ as a precious treasure just like the island’s nickname “The Pearl of the Andaman”.

The local company recently won “Award of Excellence” from 2nd Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) National Awards 2009 Business Type: Accessory /Jewelry organised by the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP). The following short interview with Mr. Jitti Indhrachareon, Managing Director of Phuket Pearl Industry Co., Ltd. may help you get a clearer picture of what they have done and what they are doing:

Please tell us about the award?
This award is given to the SMEs that reached the desired standards of performance excellence called ‘Thailand Quality Award’ (TQA) – the National Quality Award which uses the same criteria as the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA), a US-developed standard used by over 70 countries around the world. The objectives are to improve Thai SMEs organizational performance and competitiveness. We at Phuket Pearl were the only entrepreneurs from Phuket that passed the assessment and were selected as the best in our business.

Why do you think Phuket Pearl was selected?
I think it’s simply because our practices are corresponding to their requirements. Though we are just a small business, we are able to carry it all from the very beginning to the final stage ourselves. We have our own farm. We use local designers. We find market and do marketing ourselves. You might say that we’ve come this far by folk wisdom and that, I believe, is the real reason that made us win the judge’s heart.

Besides a trophy and a certificate, what more can you get from the award?
It was a good decision to participate in this project. The committee had thoroughly evaluated us in many aspects and that allowed us to know ourselves better. We realized what our strengths were and what should be improved. Of course, it also brings pride to everyone in the team.

What is Phuket Pearl’s direction after this?
We always keep improving ourselves. I’m confident that with our knowledge and our experience, we can make Phuket’s pearl widely recognized as a quality product on the international stage. What we are focusing the most on now is to create awareness of the product’s value that the industry has underemphasized. I want people to see how much effort and how many procedures it takes to make a fine pearl. If we achieve this, I believe the pearl of Phuket is more likely to have a bright future.


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