Phuket PAO seek to improve tourism services

Phuket PAO seek to improve tourism services

At Phuket Merlin Hotel on 18 July 2012, Mr.Paiboon Upattising (President of PPAO) together with PPAO officers held a seminar aimed at improving the services provided by staff involved with the tourism industry.

This seminar was attended by 70 members of Phuket Personnel Management Club and its objective was to improve the skills and techniques used by management teams and learning about techniques to develop professional services provided to tourists. It is hoped the participants will gain knowledge from the seminar which will be applied in order to develop staff in creating a competitive advantage in the tourism market.

Mr.Paiboon said “In 2015 when Thailand joins the ASEAN Economic Community we will be faced with many competitors from other countries with regards to the labour market. Therefore, we must improve ourselves. Language is very important in making sure Thai people do not lose out. Please have patience, diligence and work hard.”

Furthermore, Mr.Paiboon also asked for cooperation from hotel management teams in monitoring all important aspects of their services and installing CCTV systems to enhance security. He also requested that staff remind tourists not to swim during the monsoon season and strictly follow to the PPAO’s signs at the beach which are in 7 different languages.


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